What is Pixel Pacas?

Pixel Pacas is a video game-focused site with an interest in reviewing any game we feel like. That means triple AAA shooters probably won’t be gracing the front page anytime soon. Instead, expect to see reviews focused more on retro, indie, obscure, and otherwise underrated genres. Of course, that doesn’t mean big name titles can’t be a part of the site either. They just don’t happen to be the focus.

What are “Pacas”?

In this case, “Paca” is a cute shortening of the word “alpaca.” Alpacas are four-legged fleecy mammals which are most notable for their long necks. They are often confused with llamas.

Who is behind Pixel Pacas?

Pixel Pacas was an idea jointly developed by Marcus and Leah. We’re two life long fans of gaming who have also been writing about games for years. We both have a love for alpacas, too.

Leah’s Bio

Leah’s love of gaming goes all the way back to when she was about three years old or so. Her first games included Sonic the Hedgehog and Duck Hunt. Now she enjoys and plays a wide variety of games, though she especially loves adventure, horror, JRPG, and visual novel titles.  When she’s not glued to one of her many gaming systems, she likes to play with her pets (Ghosty the cat, Cerberus the pug, and her chickens are what she’ll blab on about the most) and indulge in different foods and sweets.

Marcus’s Bio

Marcus is a man with a deep affection for anything horror. This is not restricted to games, but has definitely helped shape his gaming interests. Ever on the prowl for more horror, he waded into the world of indie games and discovered a love for them as well. Now, he spends most of his time playing a great deal of indie games, but squeezes in time for more “popular” games every once in a while.