Affiliate Link Info

Pixel Pacas makes use of affiliate links from and

What are affiliate links?

Affiliate links are a means by which one website can possibly make money by referring its users to another website. If the user clicks an affiliate link on the web page, and then proceeds to purchase something from that affiliate, the main site will receive a small commission off that sale.

Why does Pixel Pacas use affiliate links?

We abhor advertising in its most annoying forms online (banner ads, auto playing videos, etc). Of course, we would love it if we could generate even a small sum of money to help recuperate some hosting fees.

Affiliate links are the least annoying means to do this possible. They do not affect the user’s browsing experience with flashy ads, music, or other annoyances. They simply look like a link – because they are.

How will I know if a link is an affiliate one or not?

By mousing over the link you can see the URL at the bottom of your browser. If it has what appears to be a lot of nonsense characters at the end then that means it is an affiliate link. Currently, our site uses affiliate links for GOG and MangaGamer. Every other link is a regular non-affiliate one.

I don’t want to click affiliate links!

You don’t have to! Instead of clicking a link from our pages simply search for the game on your own by navigating to the home pages of GOG or MangaGamer yourself.