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Hello and welcome to our latest contest on Pixel Pacas! A few weeks ago we reviewed a tremendously fun (and challenging) game by the name of Goscurry. With great music, attractive minimalistic visuals, and gameplay that makes you want to try “one more time”, it is a game that deserves far more attention. That’s why we’re tremendously pleased that the developer is letting us host a mega giveaway!

When I say mega I mean it. We have twenty Humble Store downloads for Goscurry just waiting for people to win them! One entrant will receive the game and soundtrack combo. Take it from me – the soundtrack is awesome. If you want to see the game on Steam then head over to its Greenlight page and click the thumbs up button!

Here are your options for entering our giveaway.

Option One:

1. Follow our Twitter account – @PixelPacas

2. After you’ve followed us, post the official contest tweet: Goscurry looks like an awesome challenge and I want to win a copy! Pick me, @PixelPacas !

Option Two: 

1. Comment on this post with why you’re excited to play Goscurry. 

Note that you are allowed to do both options! This will grant you two entries into the giveaway instead of one. If you do both, make sure you tell us your Twitter handle in the blog comment so the entries get paired up.

Our Goscurry giveaway ends on Sunday – March 2nd at 10 AM PST. Good luck!

If you’d like to stay in the loop about our contests and content our Twitter is always kept up to date. But if you don’t use Twitter, we also have a Steam Group that is updated whenever a new giveaway goes live.

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  • Tristan K.

    Thank you for sharing the giveaway Marcus! I am excited for this game because it’s not just a game, but a very unique artsy game with quick gameplay that keeps your eyes focused on turning left and right to move in a fast pace. It’s like snake, but with a ship and open world one way track. From the looks of it, it looks to be a fun multiplayer game if you compete against other players for high scores and such. I like the music as well. Anyways looks a lot of fun because of the colors and stylish gameplay. Thanks for sharing the giveaway Marcus! 😀

    • Your description makes me very glad, Tristan, thanks for that! (I’m the dev of Goscurry, and I’m shamelessly intruding here :D)

      • Tristan K.

        You are welcome! Pretty excited to play the game if I’m picked lol. Ah don’t be shameful for intruding. It’s very nice and awesome to see a gaming developer reply to a comment. Never had that happen before. Feel free to express your comments and such. Great to have a gaming community as well. 😀

    • Looks like you’re lucky again TK, as you’ve just won one of our Goscurry codes! Just let me know where I should send it. Congratulations!

  • Venomous

    This game looks pretty tough but it could be a fun challenge, so I’d like to check it out. ^_^ (still @venomous_inc on the Twitters)

    • Guess what? You’re a winner of our Goscurry contest! If you’re still in need of the game, just let me know where to send it and I’ll get right on it. Congrats!

      • Venomous

        I am? Well hot diggity. XD If I have an e-mail associated with Disqus (I must because it sent me a notification of your reply) you can send it there, or if that won’t work just hit me on Steam next time I’m on. Whatever’s clever. 😀

        Thanks! ^_^

  • DarkCobra86

    I am excited to try this game because it was recommended by Marcus. Also, the video of the game looks very fun and very different. You don’t see many games like these. Also, like what TK said, it is like snake but definitely very artsy.

    twitter @kiet86

    • You’ve been selected as a winner of our Goscurry contest! If you’re still in need of the game, just let me know where to send it and I’ll get right on it. Congrats!

  • MrNinjaSquirrel

    I’m interested in playing Goscurry because I’m a masochist who can’t get enough super challenging games. The great soundtrack is just the icing on the aneurysm inducing cake!

    • Ahaha that is a fantastic comment MrNinjaSquirrel! Can I steal it and put it on Goscurry’s “what people say” section? 😀

    • Guess what? You’ve won a copy of Goscurry! I’ll be sending you a Humble Bundle link shortly. Congratulations!

      • MrNinjaSquirrel

        Sweet ^_^

        Feel free to just send it through a Steam message when you get the chance.

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  • gaiages

    Oh god, the developer’s even watching! What do I say, what do I say…!? D:

    To be honest, the art style and soundtrack of GoScurry are what really interest me, and get me to want to play it. I don’t know if I could handle playing on Hard Mode (I’m a wuss), but it looks really fun to play, too… even if it’s super hard :p

    • Beware what you write on my watch! Mwahahaha! Glad you like the style and the soundtrack, and you’re not a wuss until you run away scared from “Amnesia: The Dark Descent”, as I did. Agh, I better not think of that.

    • Hey Gaiages, you’ve won a complimentary copy of Goscurry! Just let me know how I should send it to you (for some reason Twitter DMs won’t accept Humble links though). Congrats!

      • gaiages

        Yay~ I’m a tad late, though (got sick then forgot to look on the page). >< If you still have a copy, you can send it to my e-mail, gaiages@gmail.com 😀

  • Lewis

    No matter how great a game is, if the music doesn’t set the right atmosphere the game will be held back. However Goscurry has both a great concept and an amazing soundtrack to back it up. I love Isak J Martinsson’s music work in the game. Really adds to the atmosphere.
    I’m really interested in playing Goscurry because I love challenging games that I can constantly replay. I’ve told a bunch of my friends to vote for it on steam greenlight because It definitely deserves to on the steam store! As I said before I really love the music behind Goscurry. It adds the extra cherry on top to make this a great game that’s fun, yet still challenging and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I really hope that I can win the copy with the soundtrack because the music is just phenomenal. Favorite track is definitely Racketry. Great review and contest for this game, Marcus!

    Hope to see Goscurry get greenlit soon!

    • Lewis, it’s great to hear your thoughts about Goscurry! You’ve been selected as one of our winners so congratulations! Should we email you at the address you use Disqus with or a different one?

      • Lewis

        That is awesome! Thank you very much! I can’t wait to play and hear the awesome music. Have you given away the copy with the soundtrack yet? Crossing my fingers for it! Thanks again for the great giveaway! Keep up the great reviews! You can send it to the email associated with my disqus

        • You’re very welcome! I’ve just sent the email :).

          • Lewis

            Sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you very much! I received it! Can’t wait to see more reviews in the future! Great stuff!

  • Keita

    I’m interested in this game because it looks very challenging and seems like a game I can play over and over again. I love racing, leaderboard like games. The colours and art in this game also look really appealing! The music that goes along with this game sounds amazing. Really adds to the gameplay and makes it more exciting! Hope to play it!

    • Hi Keita! You’ll get your chance to play Goscurry as you are a winner of our giveaway! Humble Bundle links cannot be sent through Twitter DM, unfortunately. Shall I email it to you?

      • Keita

        You can email it.

        • Alright, I’ll be emailing you to the address associated with your Disqus account :).

          • Keita

            Thank you! I got it! Really appreciate it!