Indie RPG Bundle Giveaway!

Indie RPG Bundle

Indie RPG Bundle

Last week, we at Pixel Pacas decided to do something monumentally reckless. Instead of just posting about how cool the latest Bundle in a Box looks, we decided to review all of the included titles. The massive Indie RPG Bundle includes up to 13 games. Eight can be purchased for a minimum of $1.99. If you want to get the other games then you’ve got to pay at least the average.

But what if you’re lacking the funds to make this RPG-filled purchase? You’re in luck because we’ve been granted two codes which unlock the full bundle! Instead of hoarding them away, we are offering them to you folks.

Interested in nabbing the entire Indie RPG Bundle? Just let us know which game (or games) from the set most interest you! Feel free to look over the eight reviews we’ve provided so far to help you out. Then post a comment here letting us know your most anticipated titles!

The giveaway will end this Sunday (the 29th) at midnight PST. Bundle in a Box’s Indie RPG Bundle itself closes up sales next week.

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  • Ciel from GP here. Hack, Slash, and Loot is the only titled that interested me from the bundle which is why I am not picking it up. I certainly not mind it for free though. 😀

  • theliztress

    Unemployment Quest sounds like it would be a blast. xD

  • Hack, Slash Loot or Unemployment Quest are probably the two I’d love and enjoy the most. Frayed Knights, Inaria, and Call of Cthulhu also seem pretty neat.

    Thanks! 😉

  • gaiages

    Well, for me… Unemployment Quest seems cool enough, and I’m very intrigued in the Gamebook Adventure. Hack, Slash, Loot (the bit I’ve played) isn’t really to my tastes, but everything else looks neat. :3

    Good luck to everyone that entered. ;3

  • MrNinjaSquirrel

    I would probably have to say Unemployment Quest as well, though it may hit a little too close to home ^_~

  • maverynthia

    I have to say that “Siege of the Necromancer” intrigues me the most. If it play how i think it plays, it reminds me of the old Lone Wolf books, where you’d be reading and roll a dice or such to see if you did a skill or how much HP you lost.

    Plus I love rougelikes/Mystery Dungeons.

  • Tristan K.

    Very nice bundle of these games. Never heard of them, but had to look at each and they are all quite interesting. I agree with the others as Unemployment Quest excites me the most because of the concept. An RPG game about unemployment? Never seen that before and that looks interesting. Maybe we can learn a lot from this game and help us find jobs! xD