KAMI Steam Giveaway!

KAMI Featured

The contest has concluded! Congratulations to Moonxcloud and Ana!

Hello and welcome to our latest contest on Pixel Pacas! Last week, we reviewed the gorgeous puzzle game KAMI. If you’re willing to test your skills against its 60 some puzzles, then this is your chance. Thanks to State of Play Games we have a code to give out!

Here are your options for entering our giveaway.

Option One:

1. Follow our Twitter account – @PixelPacas

2. After you’ve followed us, post the official contest tweet: I think I’m ready for the mental gymnastics puzzler KAMI will put me through! Pick me, @PixelPacas !

Option Two: 

1. Comment on this post with why you’re excited to play KAMI. 

Note that you are allowed to do both options! This will grant you two entries into the giveaway instead of one. If you do both, make sure you tell us your Twitter handle in the blog comment so the entries get paired up.

Our KAMI giveaway ends on Sunday – February 16th at 10 AM PST. Good luck!

If you’d like to stay in the loop about our contests and content our Twitter is always kept up to date. But if you don’t use Twitter, we also have a Steam Group that is updated whenever a new giveaway goes live.

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  • CaEl84

    Because i want a challenge for my brain and this game looks pretty. by the way there is a mistake with the end of the giveaway maybe its Sunday – February 16? instead of 9, 😀 thanks for the chance!

  • Shawn Sigurdson

    Looks too complicated for me, haha. Good luck whoever enters.

  • Ana

    Looks great, an amazing challenge for the brain.

    • Hi Ana! Are you still in need of a KAMI key? If so, you’re one of our winners so just let me know where to email it and I shall :).

  • Lexkun .

    Too bad, the 9th is already gone by 😀

  • MrNinjaSquirrel

    I’m interested in trying Kami because heck, I could use something that doesn’t involve guns, explosions, or questionable morality for a change. Also I played and quite enjoyed State of Play’s previous game, Lume, and would like to see what they have managed since then.