Paca Picks: Hello Kitty Limited Edition Pink Dreamcast

Hey there and welcome to the first ever Paca Picks! This is a new article series where random tidbits of our video game collections (mine or Leah’s) will be showcased.

First up is the Hello Kitty Limited Edition Pink Dreamcast. This was a Japanese exclusive console that launched in 1999 – a year after the system’s launch there. It came in pink as well as blue, with both colors using transparent plastic. Sources state there were 1,500 made of each color meaning this was actually “limited” unlike many modern games and systems that use the same verbage.

What’s inside the box? The Hello Kitty Dreamcast includes: Dreamcast, controller, VMU, keyboard, AC adapter, AV cable, Hello Kitty Dream Passport (ハローキティドリームパスポート), Hello Kitty Garden Panic (ハローキティのガーデンパニック), various pamphlets. Unfortunately, I don’t have the keyboard but do have the rest! The photo showcasing all the goodies together gives the best example of the console’s pink tone.

Hello Kitty Garden Panic is a Picross game and was only available for purchase via this bundle. Hello Kitty Dream Passport is just a specially branded version of Sega’s Dream Passport software which let users access the internet via a Dreamcast (hence the inclusion of a keyboard with this bundle). As I already have a working Dreamcast, and they are region free, I tend to keep my Hello Kitty Limited Edition Pink Dreamcast on display.

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