So, How Much Did *I* Spend During the Steam Summer Sale?

Steam Summer Sale 2014 Banner

You may have noticed the multitude of recommendation posts for the 2014 Steam Summer Sale on Pixel Pacas lately. This was done because people regularly ask “will it go cheaper?” with the hope that the folks they’re asking can see the future. Of course, my text was all suggestions as well because even I don’t know what will happen. Still I’ve weathered enough sales to at least offer some analysis.

So, what does someone obsessed with deals like me actually buy during the Steam sale?

All this stacks up to $13.87. At this point in my life I find it very hard to spend over $5 for one digital game which helps explain the trend. Also, I’m always a big fan of checking through the most discounted games that do not show on the front page.

My Steam wallet had $11ish in card funds at the start and I never added any more money to it. How did I buy more than that? Simple – Steam trading cards! There were many games I had yet to farm cards for, so I nabbed them during the sale and sold off duplicates immediately (for some reason I’m still entranced by completing sets). The same held true for my excess Steam Summer Adventure cards. By the way, if you didn’t do it this year, definitely vote on as many Community Choices as possible to get free cards. These can help fund your own small game purchases!

Of course, Steam wasn’t the only sale in town. I purchased Age of Empires II HD + The Forgotten Expansion for $2.49 off Amazon (with existing gift card funds). All in all, I gained 15 games. So basically the Steam Summer Sale cost me nothing at all! In the future I may post about strategies to help others accomplish this as well.

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  • apricotsushi

    Wow, $11 in card funds? Maybe I should start farming cards D:

    • Yes! And that is only with me selling duplicate cards meaning that I could have made more if I just dumped every card :P. It’s a really weird thing Valve has set up but “free” money is always nice.

      • apricotsushi

        Is it really possible to just turn on a game and not play it and earn cards that way?? I heard people talking about it… :O

        • Yup, the trading cards are not like achievements. They simply will come up after the game has been running for a certain period of time. However, each participating game (not all games on Steam have cards) only lets you get a certain maximum of cards (3-7). I probably really should make a post about Steam Trading Cards for beginners :D.

    • MrNinjaSquirrel

      I’ve made something in the range of $150 selling cards since they started, so yeah, I’d definitely recommend you get into playing the card market.