Steam Summer Sale 2014: Day 3 Recommendations

Steam Summer Sale 2014 Day 3

Hey folks, it’s day three of Steam’s annual Summer Sale! In case you missed it, yesterday we began a series of posts that will share our opinions as to whether or not the Daily Deals are worth buying. Here’s a recap.

“Buy” means simply that this is a very good price for the game. Still, “buy” isn’t necessarily giving any particular game my seal of approval either. It’s just a price that seems fair for those interested in the given title. “Wait” means I suggest waiting for another sale. The price very likely is the lowest it will be during Summer Sale 2014, but it is estimated to be cheaper in sales weeks and months down the road. Of course, if you can’t wait then go ahead and buy!

  • 7 Days to Die – $13.74 – 7 Days to Die bothered me the minute I saw its lead character dressed in the tightest jean jacket and pants combo of all time. As this game is in Early Access there are apparently many bugs that still require squashing. This is the lowest recorded price so far but to me it feels more like what the price should be in EA. Wait.
  • Age of Empires II HD – $4.99 – The original Age of Empires II is a fantastic title. Although I can’t say if an HD-ized version was necessary it’s great that the game will now reach new players. The current 75% off discount is the deepest thus far and a fair price for a classic PC game. Buy. Wait, Amazon actually has AoE II HD plus The Forgotten expansion accidentally available for $2.49! Who knows how long this error has been around/how long it will stay up though.
  • Contagion – $4.99 – Contagion recently escaped Early Access, but might not meet expectations of a “final game release”. Since the focus is on multiplayer though it’s a fairly cheap way to prepare for a zombie-filled game night with friends. Note, however, that this game actually went down to $3.74 during Steam’s Winter Sale in 2013. Wait.
  • Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition – $7.49 – What exactly is an “Ultimate” edition? Buying it nabs the main game, expansion, and all additional content packs. Although the price is certainly palpable, both Amazon and GameStop (digital) of all people have priced it even lower, with Amazon winning at $4.99 this past January. Wait.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – $4.99 – Here’s an open world RPG from 2011 that still stands out. $4.99 is the cheapest it has ever gone and if you still don’t own Skyrim then now is the perfect time to snag it! PC players get to screw around with tons of mods too, expanding the game further. Buy.
  • Project Zomboid – $10.04 – This Early Access title has received a whole load of press (both good and bad) with its take on zombie survival simulation. In the early stages one could buy Project Zomboid for $7.99 from Desura but now it costs about $15 normally. As such, a 33% discount isn’t all that amazing. I have hope it might go a tad cheaper during an Early Access anniversary sale. Wait.
  • The Stanley Parable – $5.99 – The Stanley Parable was a game that I found was quite difficult to review. Although you might finish in 20 minutes, interested players can spend far more hours fussing around trying to find new endings and secrets. Interstingly, the price has decreased about a dollar per featured sale this year so it may still drop a tad more later this year… Wait.
  • Terraria – $1.99 – Here’s a game that is no stranger to Steam sales. However, an 80% discount is the biggest yet. Although I couldn’t enjoy the game I acknowledge it has quite a fan following. Those interested in mining, crafting, and that sort of thing should definitely nab it. Buy.
  • Wasteland 2 – $40.19 – As an apparent digital games discount snob I cannot even begin to recommend buying Wasteland 2 at this price. No, I’ve never ever played it and fully admit this may be the most amazing game in the world. However, this is a mere 33% off for an Early Access title where most of the audience is its initial Kickstarter backers. By the way, the price will actually lower once it graduates from EA! Wait.

Today I purchased Insecticide Part 1 (even though more episodes will never arrive) for 29 cents and crafted a Goat Simulator badge.

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