Steam Summer Sale 2014: Day 7 Recommendations

Steam Summer Sale 2014 Day 7

Steam Summer Sale 2014 Day 7

Hello again! We’re nearly halfway through the annual Steam Summer Sale now and the deals have not become repetitive (yet). Let’s dive right in and see which of today’s deals are or aren’t worth buying.

“Buy” means simply that this is a very good price for the game. Still, “buy” isn’t necessarily giving any particular game my seal of approval either. It’s just a price that seems fair for those interested in the given title. “Wait” means I suggest waiting for another sale. The price very likely is the lowest it will be during Summer Sale 2014, but it is estimated to be cheaper in sales weeks and months down the road. Of course, if you can’t wait then go ahead and buy!

  • The Banner Saga – $12.49 – The Banner Saga launched early this year and so far 50% is the greatest discount around. I still expect it to decline further in future sales. Yup, that’s all there is to say. Wait. 
  • Batman: Arkham Origins – $7.49 – This game has seen a lot of hate from Batman fans. As I’ve not played it I can’t weigh in one way or the other. A price of $7.49 is not unheard of, however, and it actually sold for $5.24 via GameStop’s download service. Wait. 
  • Bioshock Infinite – $7.49 – The hype surrounding Bioshock Infinite has never made sense to me. With that said, this is just the kind of big game that will eventually have a more stunning discount. Wait. 
  • Child of Light – $11.24 – Child of Light released along a great deal of praise. Even so, a 25% discount is hardly worth the effort. Definitely check for it on future sales. As with all Ubisoft titles, Uplay is required. Wait. 
  • Company of Heroes 2 – $9.99 – Considering it usually costs $39.99, the current discount on Company of Heroes 2 is mighty impressive. Although it’s possible it will drop more I don’t find it likely. Still, publisher SEGA could surprise us. Buy. 
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – $7.49 – Nope! Eagle-eyed Steam users should have already seen a far better deal on this in March, where the game was available for an unprecedented $3.74. Wait. 
  • Endless Space – $7.49 – Every so often Endless Space hits this price point via various digital distributors. Considering the game is 2 years old now the developers many not push it further. Wait. 
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – $14.99 – Somehow GameStop’s digital download service claims another pricing victory here. Last month they sold the MMO for $11.99. With that said, I’m of the opinion the game should be free considering the monthly fees associated with continued play. Wait. 
  • Kerbal Space Program – $16.19 – Last year’s Steam Summer Sale saw Kerbal Space Program priced at $13.79. Will it only increase as it progresses through Early Access or drop significantly on sale again? I’m hoping for the latter. Wait. 

Today I crafted a Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory badge.

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