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Marcus’ 2017 Game of the Year Picks


2017 was a year full of high-profile sequels and brand new franchises. And, as has been increasingly the case, I primarily strayed from the path of triple A titles. Of course, there were still a few huge games that snuck onto my list. There were tons of excellent games out this year and I’m going to highlight ten of my favorites!


Friday the 13th the Game

Between horror series classics Friday the 13th, Halloween, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, I’ve always found Friday the 13th less engaging than the rest. Yet it was this official game based on the property which hooked me early on. Sure, there were a ton of server issues and glitches, but I couldn’t stop firing up matches.


Higurashi When They Cry Hou – Ch. 5 Meakashi

Higurashi continues to be an intense visual novel experience chapter after chapter. After four chapters explaining the murderous tragedy taking place in Hinamizawa, Ch. 5 finally treats players to the Answer Arc. Anyone looking for a creepy, complex mystery tale should check out Higurashi.


The Lion’s Song

Apparently The Lion’s Song is an episodic series I totally missed out on when it was originally coming out. Fortunately, I caught up with it once a “complete” edition launched. This lovely adventure game provides an anthology of tales focused on different creative types (painters, mathematicians, etc).


Resident Evil 7 biohazard

Once upon a time Resident Evil was one of my favorite horror franchises. This peaked with Resident Evil 4 and then came crashing down as the series proceeded beyond that point. Resident Evil 7 briefly hooked me again with its tense atmosphere and gameplay.


Snake Pass

I love a good platformer and Snake Pass is exactly that. It also managed to totally change the formula by making the protagonist snake control in snake-like fashion. Gripping and twisting are key mechanics of sidling up platforms/bars/etc. and easily become second nature.


Super Mario Odyssey

My love of the Mario realm began with Super Mario World and ended with Super Mario 64. None of the subsequent console releases elicited any joy from me – until Super Mario Odyssey. The bright colors, cutesy world and great gameplay make this the pinnacle of platformers.


Sweetest Monster

Ebi-hime is one of my favorite EVN authors to follow these days, and Sweetest Monster is my favorite of their games so far. It shares the story of a husband in a strained marriage and moves from meeting stereotypical expectations of such a story to something absolutely insidious.


Umineko When They Cry – Answer Arcs

Umineko When They Cry didn’t 100% blow me away in the Question Arcs. However, the Answer Arcs provide an incredible ride from start to finish. Even with more explanations come more tantalizing questions and scenarios. Now that the series is complete, it’s a must play for visual novel fans.


Wonderful Everyday

I had no idea what to expect with Wonderful Everyday. After applying the patch to the Steam version (which unlocks about 80% of the game) it goes from an offbeat yuri tale to something astonishing, disgusting, and ultimately excellent. I savored everything, even the horror it inflicted on me because no game has ever caused me to feel such a range of emotions so intensely before.


Yakuza 0

Yakuza is a series I  can’t help but love. Of course, Yakuza 0 was one of my first favorite releases of 2017. It’s great to finally see the game on PS4, even if the core mechanics and storytelling style remain mostly unchanged since its origins. The formula just works!

Marcus’s 2016 Game of the Year Picks

The House in Fata Morgana Featured

Marcus Only

It’s no secret that 2016 was quite the year for many of us. While there was a lot of negativity in the air, it also proved to be an immensely positive – and busy – time for myself. Between finally graduating college and getting more seriously into working at an office, there was both more and less time for gaming than ever before.

In compared to previous years, my urge to play almost anything AAA disappeared. Heavy hitters such as DOOM completely passed me by, though they’re still on my radar. Indie darlings such as Stardew Valley and Inside were also missed simply due to not playing much beyond my stable of review titles for Hardcore Gamer. Still, I did play some things! Here’s a look at my favorites in no particular order.

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Marcus’s Favorite Games That Didn’t Actually Launch in 2014

I play far more video games than any person should in a year time span. Despite this, one person could still never hope to play everything out there. Along the way I miss a great deal of new releases – but also have an immense backlog to chip into! As such, today I’m presenting a list of the coolest games I played this year that came out prior to 2014. Some are fairly recent while others not so much, but all are worth celebrating!

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Marcus’s Off the Beaten Path 2014 Game of the Year Picks

Marcus Only

Last year I didn’t quite understand the need for “Game of the Year” awards and this year I’m still of the same mindset. It’s great fun to celebrate what we believe are the best titles released in a year time span – but often those choices seem far too constrained across big media outlets. With that said, it does seem like this year includes more lists full of different choices and that’s exciting!

I’ve already posted a top 10 GOTY list for Game Podunk, but a few titles were either played too late or above an M rating. And a few, well, maybe I just forgot… How can you forget a favorite game of the year? When you play over 200 in 365 days it can become seriously challenging! Here’s a few titles to complete my personal GOTY awards.

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Marcus’s Off the Beaten Path Game of the Year Picks

Marcus Only

For some reason, the gaming world always gets into a frenzy about “Game of the Year” awards. Although they are unnecessary, I do find them to have some use. It’s a great way to show people games they may have missed out on during the year! I’ve already created a top 10 list for Game Podunk but (for various reasons) kept a few separate so they could be written about here. In no particular order, here are some games I loved that (almost entirely) came out in 2013.

The Cat Lady Featured

The Cat Lady

Soooo… The Cat Lady came out in December of 2012, making it technically not fit into a 2013 list. However, it nearly came out this year and only recently saw a Steam release so there! In any case, this is an incredible adventure game. It’s not point and click, but close enough as you navigate left and right with arrow keys. Solving puzzles is usually not tough, but the main point of playing is to see the dark story unfold. Protagonist Susan is in a very unique situation and I simply needed to get through her entire journey.

Kara No Shojo Featured

Kara no Shojo

It’s no secret that I love visual novels and this was one of the couple that I jumped on for its English release this year. Since most of the lot I play deal with high school students, it was interesting to assume the role of a tired detective. His search into a string of murders was compelling, and the need to catch the culprit was my drive to continue playing. Even after figuring it all out, I went back to play more and uncover even more.

Queers in love at the end of the world

queers in love at the end of the world

This is a super short Twine game that was created for a Ludum Dare competition. The world is about to end in ten seconds and you, the player, are spending them with the person you love. How do you spend those final precious seconds of existence? I fumbled with my choice, hurried to read as if that would stop time, but then the game ends. The experience stuck in my mind and I want others to experience it too.

See No Evil Featured

See No Evil 

The world of visual novels and dating sims is immense, but there’s very little available in English that targets any part of the LGBT audience. See No Evil is one of these titles, with its focus on romanceable bara characters, it caters toward gay men primarily. But it’s not just an exercise in eroticism. Alongside mostly simple point and click gameplay stood engaging characters that you wanted to see “live happily ever after”. Actually obtaining the good end is tricky, but left me feeling completely satisfied.