The Indie RPG Bundle Review Project Begins

Indie RPG Bundle

Indie RPG Bundle

If you’re at all a fan of PC games then you’re probably well aware of the trend of bundling various titles together for a “pay what you want” price point. Some bundles favor quantity over quality, but others, such as Bundle in a Box by Kyttaro Games, have proven themselves to take real-time in choosing the best games for a set. Their latest bundle is The Indie RPG Bundle and ends in just a few days (September 30th).

Buyers can nab eight games for $1.99 or higher. Of course, if you beat the average price then an additional five games are added. But are all (or most) of these games worth it? Kyttaro Games were gracious enough to share a bundle with us and as such we’ve decided to take a crack at reviewing all thirteen titles. With thirteen days of the sale there’s only one question on my mind: Is this even possible to do in time? We’ll see!

After this is all over, a new post will go live collecting all reviewed titles.

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  • Looking forward to this! Nice idea! This is a pretty big bundle but I suppose if you can blast through (or mostly through) one game every day it should be a fun and varied challenge for you. I’d get the bundle myself….but hmm, I’ll have to see. Only a few of the games interest me at the moment but I only know of the ones that do so I shall have to check back for reviews of the ones I don’t know of! 😉

    • I’m not sure what I just said in that last sentence but oh well! D:

    • I’m glad the idea is interesting to you! So far I’m really enjoying the bundle but have only played about 4 games from it. With that said, unless the rest are super horrible it already seems worth at least $2. In any case, we should have the vast majority reviewed before the bundle ends :). Hopefully you’ll be able to make an informed choice by then!

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