In the City of Alabast ~ The Menagerie Preview


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In the City of Alabast ~ The Menagerie is not your typical eroge. You’re not a boy chasing after girls in some everyday setting. Actually, it’s something quite the opposite – and that’s what makes it worth looking into.


In The Menagerie, you’re a fiore (futanari) girl named Rao-Ji that lives and serves in a sort of brothel. As a fiore, Rao-Ji boasts both female and male genitals as well as a tremendous libido. This makes her a sort of prize in the Menagerie, and so customers ask for her often. With that, we experience many sexual escapades with Rao-Ji. Of course, there is more to our protagonist than just having sex all the time! There’s also a lot of mystery surrounding Rao-Ji. In fact, the poor Drachene girl barely knows who she is. As such, much of the plot in The Menagerie will most likely be dedicated to figuring out our main character’s backstory.

Rao-Ji is certainly not alone at the Menagerie. There are a bevy of eccentric characters that Rao-Ji gets to know (and fornicate with) throughout The Menagerie, and in turn, help her get to know herself better. A good chunk of the supporting cast are “monsters” (elves, naiads, and even a girl with monkey features). Being monsters, not only do they make for super interesting characters, but they also help create unique sexual scenarios. The demo already has some intriguing scenes – so let’s hope that the full game has even crazier and kinkier content!


Of course, The Menagerie‘s artwork, music, and writing are also very well done. They all help bring life to the fantastical and strange world that The Menagerie has to offer and I am very much looking forward to experiencing the rest of it.

The Menagerie‘s demo has definitely grabbed my attention. Rao-Ji has already become an endearing protagonist that I’m quite eager to learn more about. The rest of the characters have me yearning for more, too (in regards to both their backstories and sex scenes). Those who love stuff like futanari or monster girls, or even those looking for something different when it comes to eroge, should definitely keep their eyes on The Menagerie. So check out the demo* for yourself and see if it’s your kind of thing!

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