About Our Rating System

We at Pixel Pacas utilize a 5-point (alpaca) rating system for reviews with 5 being the highest and 1/2 being the lowest. But what do these scores mean? Here you’ll find our descriptions for each main score.

Note: Black alpacas denote reviews from Marcus while pink alpacas are used for reviews by Leah.

Score: 5 Pink Score: 5

5 – Super Wonderful

The highest score possible. These games may not be “perfect” but they provide a supremely entertaining experience!

Pink Score: 4 Score: 4

4 РEntertaining 

These are the games we have a lot of fun with but don’t find the best of any respective genre. Still very much worth playing!

Score: 3 Pink Score: 3

3 – Okie dokie

These games aren’t the best, but not the worst either. They stand out enough to not be labeled “average” but they likely won’t make it onto our favorite games lists.

Pink Score: 2 Score: 2

2 – Hmm…

This score shows that something is a little weaker than the average for its genre. There is still something redeeming about it, but you might want to seek out something else instead.

Score: 1 Pink Score: 1

1 – Icky

Oh no! At this point there’s very little redeeming about a game. The only way they can get worse is with a 1/2 alpaca… and you don’t want to see that – trust us.