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Dengeki Stryker is a visual novel that tells the story of a young boy named Yuuki Yamato and his unyielding desire to be a hero. Thanks to some extremely strange circumstances, h gets his wish and the superhero Dengeki Stryker comes to life. Cho Dengeki Stryker is the ultimate version of the game as it adds on new chapters to fully flesh out the story. If you’ve never played Dengeki Styrker then check out our review. This review is focused purely on the new content. Interested players can purchase Cho Dengeki Stryker as either a patch or complete game depending on their needs.

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Dengeki Stryker included three chapters and they brought the story to a welcome end. However, there was so much that felt left out of the experience. Cho Dengeki Stryker improves upon the original game by bringing far more fleshed out storylines into the fold. Interestingly, these tales take on a more human vibe. Although there are still superhero antics on display, they feel subdued in comparison to the focus on character interactions. Or, perhaps you simply get accustomed to the super sentai nature of the story after a while.

In either case, the three new chapters add at least ten more hours of playtime onto the experience. One chapter places you with a truly unexpected love interest from the Balboran side. Although it is something that players would have likely never considered, it’s amazing how well the storyline pulls it off. There’s a lot of drama because of the obvious conflict of interests but it never feels overdone.

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Steel Chapter is unique because it includes a fork leading to one of two heroines. The choices that determine this aren’t exactly clear, though, which kept the heroine I was pursuing a mystery until the eventual sex scene. Although there are two paths in this chapter it doesn’t exactly feel like it because barely anything changes between them. If anything, it feels like the chapter is much more heavily skewed toward one character than the other. With that said, beyond the romance aspect it is an excellent chapter. Cho Dengeki Stryker is simply an expert at expanding its storyline in innumerable ways without ever cheapening itself.

With all that said, the sex scenes in relation to Steel Chapter feel incredibly tacked on. They’re placed at the end of each story aspect as far more of a bonus than anything else. Whereas the previous characters developed an obvious relationship with Yamato, these women simply appear as fodder for him as he spontaneously discovers his feelings upon their confession. It’s definitely a shame after seeing such lovely romances unfold in other chapters.

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My slight disappointment with this chapter was short-lived as I went through the final one. Light Chapter has no choices so players can simply sit back and enjoy as the world of Dengeki Stryker finally comes to a close. This was by far my favorite chapter of them all as it brought everything to its ultimate conclusion. It was sad, surprising, and uplifting at all the right points. Oh, and it also has an epic final showdown that had me rooting for Yuuki and friends.

One point of note is that Cho Dengeki Stryker also added in a brand new character by the name of Clie. Is she friend or foe and what relationship does she have to the others? Her personality is quite different from everyone else which makes her incredibly interesting. There’s also the matter of her prosthetic arm which is actually a powerful weapon… Despite only appearing in this new set of storylines, Clie fits in well as a great addition to the world.

The additional content helps flesh out some mysteries that the previous game left players with. Of course, it also adds new things to wonder about by its conclusion. Every chapter enriches the experience further and, unlike many visual novels, actually makes you want to play through every single aspect. Cho Dengeki Stryker is the definitive version to play thanks to a story that finally feels satisfyingly complete.

Score: 4

4 out of 5 alpacas

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