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Developer: Stout Games
Publisher: Stout Games
Platform: PC

Have you ever felt yourself worrying that you’ve been stood up on a date? If so, then this is likely a game you can relate to. If not, then it shows a pretty depressing example of how worrying the whole process of waiting for a date to arrive can be.

As the name implies, you engage in the preparations and waiting for a date to have dinner with. The dinner is intimate, with a single candle and wine, despite being in the protagonist’s cramped kitchen. You can look at the clock – again and again, as well as interact with the objects nearby.

Dinner Date Featured

This is not any sort of typical game focused on gameplay. Instead, you mostly soak up the internal diegetic of the protagonist while waiting for your date’s arrival. There’s nothing wrong with exploring narrative over actual play in games, but have that expectation in mind beforehand. Dinner Date is a neat, if very brief, experience. I just would have liked to see the idea expanded further.

Score: 2

2 out of 5 alpacas

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  • I watched you stream the game, and I think I might have felt the most depressing sensation I’ve ever felt while watching someone else play a game. XD It’s an interesting concept, though I wonder how many times the developer must have gone through the same thing himself before deciding to make a game about it.

    • Yeah, they probably had to deal with a whole boat load of rejection. Unfortunate for them, but at least they got to make a game out of it that has sold a fair amount on Steam…?

      I was thinking about other depressing games, and there are not too many, although more indie games are like that than typical triple A titles.