Latest Obsession: Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker Featured

Cookie Clicker Featured

What is Cookie Clicker? It is a browser-based game created by Orteil about cooking a cookie a lot. Of course, there’s more to it then that. Initially, the game was just a quickly hashed out experiment which drew in a surprising amount of users. The ugly original version featured a big cookie and the ability to trade clicks (which result in more cookies) for various buildings. The simple concept had no end goal beyond “create more cookies”, but that compelled players all the same.

The new version of Cookie Clicker is much fancier. Still, it is mostly unnecessary frivolity all things considered. All you really need for the game is the ability to quickly click (initially) and then be patient enough to expand your cookie empire. Just like the experimental release, you can expend cookies for more efficient means of production, from enlisting baking grandmas to sending out cookie spaceships.

It may sound incredibly silly and that’s because it is. There is still no point to the game in this version, although more users may be compelled thanks to the additions. Now there are upgrades (41 so far). Upgrades enhance the production of cookies in one way or another. Because the number of upgrades is currently not too big it also could serve as a sort of achievement marker for some. Unfortunately, it appears they are being rolled out over days, meaning you cannot gain them all today.

Achievements have not been implemented but they are apparently going to be included soon. These will again lure in players who care for those things. Despite my general lack of interest in them, I have already invested enough time into Cookie Clicker to try to get them once they’re online.

There is no reason that Cookie Clicker should be a game I’ve spent so much time with and yet here I am obsessing over it. All you have to do is place it in a tab and pay attention every so often to buy a new item or click on a random cookie on the screen. And yet, here I am, with an empire currently amassing 46 million cookies per second. Give it a shot if you’re curious but hopefully you also don’t end up with it stuck permanently in your tabs.

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