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Developer: Winter Wolves
Publisher: Winter Wolves
Platform: PC – Direct

Things were supposed to be going great for Nicole. She has just entered her ideal college and is excited to begin her law studies. Her roommate is kind, the school has high standing, and there are copious amounts of cute boys on campus. There’s just one problem… The campus has been the site of three college student abductions. Although each was discovered safely days after, with no memory of their time away, it’s a severely creepy crime that has left the campus with a worrisome atmosphere.

At the beginning, Nicole wants nothing more than to keep these fears at arm’s length. She focuses on classes and making friends, which is where the meat of gameplay comes in. Players must work to increase Nicole’s various stats. They don’t have much bearing on her school performance, but are instead useful for romancing a guy (if you want to). Each fellow is receptive to a certain stat and, if you can figure it out, then he’ll be putty in your hands! It’s not too hard to tell what stats work with who – you just base it off personality. She can even get a few jobs to earn some spending money.

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For all this normalcy, Nicole just can’t leave the disappearances alone. One other stat to take care of is based around conducting an investigation into them on your own. You actually don’t have to discover who is behind it to finish the game, but you’ll want to. Be sure to increase your clue stat to maximum! You’ll also want to have a guy in tow to get the best ending possible. With a handful of variation in end states there are ten endings possible to achieve.

Unfortunately, the receptive bachelors are not particularly endearing. There’s a jock who loves to verbally harass Nicole whenever she’s around. It hardly makes you want to cozy up to the guy. Then there’s a smart science guy, who could be cool, until his personality turns… Perhaps the easiest character to get along with is a “nerd” who obsesses over a Tumblr-like site. Maybe that’s just me, but at least he wasn’t a complete asshole. In any case, there are four guys to romance. You’ll get to increase relationships via choosing dialogue although you can also buy presents for your favorite.

Although the overarching story is enjoyable, it could have handled a tad more editing. There are times that events are described with such detail that it’s just mundane (do we really need to know the subtleties of how Nicole sets up and uses her browser?). Also, despite being a story about college-aged youths, there are some really antiquated flourishes in the text department. This isn’t for one character in particular, but the writing overall. Other times, it is spruced up with more current terminology.

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Despite my issues, I still wanted to see Nicole through to the end. I also really wanted to nab my guy of choice. This was definitely aided by the lovely character art. Everyone is given a great amount of detail and even have different outfits to wear. If only more could have been done with hairstyles so each guy didn’t have a similar mop of hair. CGs are also lovely but there are only a few included.

Play Nicole if you’re looking for some mystery alongside romance. Even if I felt most of the guy choices were icky, at least one or two of the four dateable options are nice. It’s a game that will also last a few hours as you play through Nicole’s first semester of college. In all, it might not be the best showing for an otome game but there was definite effort put into making this a polished product, so give it a look! There’s a free demo of Nicole available on Winter Wolves’ site to see if it’s a game you’ll enjoy.

Score: 2.5

2 1/2 out of 5 alpacas

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  • maverynthia

    Kinda sucks that this game follows the tradition of otoges in having nearly every male character be and asshole. I’ll take a pass on this game as the person that runs Winter Wolves is both rude and creepy sooo.. D: I don’t want to give him my money. Yes it’s a guy.

    • maselphie

      Hey, I’ve seen you around and like your posts & tweets. I think you’re a cool lady. šŸ™‚ But I’m also a writer for Winter Wolves, a woman and a feminist. So I just wanted to say that I understand completely what you’re saying but, having been behind the scenes, I know it’s not true. The person you’re talking about doesn’t write any of his games anymore and most of his games are written by women. There are some that aren’t and thus create this bubble of men-only development where it can go awry, but he’s actually really good at consulting me or others if he detects a problem. But, like I said, I once thought like you and so I understand.

      • maverynthia

        See that’s where I have trouble now. Since the name “Winter Wolves” is on it I at least know some of my money is going to him DX.
        I just want to pay the devs directly (I know Sakevisual was a dev for Winter Wolves)

        The problems I’ve had with him were:
        I played Spirited heart and commented that the game was too tough (I didn’t get anywhere close to any of the endings), and his response was “Well it’s been beta tested so too bad!”
        Instead of maybe “The game is set up like X so you should try X next time.” or some other useful advice.

        Also on his Tycoon Site ( there’s a link to buy WoW accounts down at the bottom DX!!

        AND on top of AAAAALL that, most if not all Winter Wolves games have some form of DRM on them.

        So I really just wish the good devs would sell from their sites (or make a team site, etc) and I could just give them the money and avoid Riva Celso. D: (To the audience: Winter Wolves guy, who’s wikipedia entry is all about him and barely anything about any of the devs working on the games other than Sake Visual, even Nicole is attributed to him solely)