Pixel Pacas is Going to E3!


Well, sort of! Both I and Leah will be at E3 from June 16-18 and explore the convention floor, talk with developers, and generally have a hectic (but enjoyable) time.

Of course, if you know much about E3 then you’re well aware that not just any old blog owner can get in. Perhaps it’s too obvious to state but we’re not going thanks to PixelPacas.com. Instead, we are both fortunate to work for other websites which have a bit more clout.

It’s impossible to say yet if we’ll be able to provide much coverage of E3 exclusively for Pixel Pacas (as most of it is for the aforementioned sites) but we’ll see! This note is here just to let readers know that no posts are planned to go live next week, as all the hot new E3 news will be what everyone is focused on, after all!

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  • Nonscpo

    Great! Good luck but more important stay safe.