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Developer: Bigfingers
Publisher: Bigfingers
Platform: PC
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See No Evil is the newest niche adventure game on the market by developer Bigfingers. Of course, even most adventure game fans will probably be unaware of its arrival. Why is that? It seems most likely due to the fact that this is a bara game. With that said, it manages to push past whatever notions people might have in their heads about what a bara game must be. As it turns out, See No Evil is a lovely title that deserves a much larger audience.

Well, before we get into it let’s define what this whole “bara” thing is. Basically, it’s a term used to define a genre of manga and games focused around gay male relationships. Not only is this rare, but it is further compounded by the fact that the men in question tend to be quite powerful. We very rarely see any bara media available in English. Much less do we see any games.

If you didn’t read my preview of See No Evil, here’s a refresher on what the game is: You’re a guy named Orsino who has somehow found himself in Limbo. Limbo also happens to be chock full of humanoid demons poised to make you their plaything. Your goal is to get back to the human world, but in order to do that you must first forge bonds with each of the demons.


This is where the game will repel many, as it treads headfirst into the human and demon romance. Although it seems unlikely at first, each of these demons is able to care for Orsino and want nothing but good for him. Consummating pacts with each of the four demons is required and each features a host of special art for the occasion. As you might expect, this means the game would receive a high rating in the states – AO, most likely.

Unlike other bara games though this one has a strangely compelling story. You want to get out of Limbo, but also want to engage with each of the endearing demons. With seven endings in all, it is hard to get the best but is well worth it. The only trouble is figuring the exact sequence of events, as they require the player to have a high enough completion rate to “unlock”.

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The art is all excellent although I’m not sure if the black and white art style betters it in any way. Likely, this was more a time than stylistic choice. Regardless, the art is great. It is cute and cuddly when it needs to be and hunky at other times. Pay attention to the setup before the game launches though, as tweaking the options to lower graphics levels really muck up the hand-drawn art.

Basically, if you’re a fan of adventure games and are not scared off by the whole bara aspect then See No Evil is definitely a game to check out. It offers 4 to 7 hours of gameplay (depending on your puzzle aptitude) and is a sweet or depressing story, depending on the endings you get. It may never be on Steam, but it is available on Selz for $12. Definitely check the demo first to gauge its appeal.

Score: 4

4 alpacas out of 5

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