Steam Summer Sale 2014: Day 10 Recommendations

Steam Summer Sale 2014 Day 10

Steam Summer Sale 2014 Day 10

On the 10th day of the Steam Summer Sale there are many games that are often heavily discounted alongside newer ones. The question is which of these are worth your money?

  • Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition – $6.24 – According to many, this game is a ‘modern’ classic RPG. As is the case with most of these re-engineered versions, I’ve not played the Enhanced Edition specifically. All in all, it’s a pretty sweet price. Buy. 
  • Chivalry – Medieval Warfare – $4.99 – Chivalry is based off the Half-Life 2 mod Age of Chivalry. I enjoyed that one tremendously but this sequel… well, not so much. Still, this is the cheapest price and not bad for multiplayer medieval action. Buy. 
  • Football Manager 2014 – $12.49 – 75% off is a pretty sweet deal although still a bit pricey. Unfortunately, as with many annual games, Steam regularly removes the previous version once a new one is available. Because of that Football Manager 2014 will probably never reach a cheaper price before 2015 comes out at full price. Buy. 
  • Garry’s Mod – $2.49 – Every once in a while Garry’s Mod gets a fire sale price. Even so, this is the best yet. This is not a game but more of a physics sandbox to create and mess with stuff. If you enjoy creating then this price is a steal. Buy. 
  • Goat Simulator – $5.99 – Goat Simulator is a purposefully silly game in which you control a bouncing, licking, and sometimes monstrous goat. If you enjoy screwing around in a sandbox then this is definitely worth $6. With that said I wholly expect the game to drop beyond 40% off in the future. Wait. 
  • Portal 2 – $4.99 – Portal 2 is a fantastic puzzle platformer and, so far, seems to bottom out at $4.99. Definitely nab it if you’ve not played yet. It may even be worth getting the Portal bundle if you also missed the original game. Buy. 
  • Shadowrun Returns – $3.74 – This is the discount of the day in my opinion. Shadowrun Returns is a downright massive tactical RPG. Of course this also happens to be the best discount available so far. Buy. 
  • Thief – $14.99 – For a relatively new triple-A title this isn’t a bad price, but many seem to dislike the new take on Thief. With that being the case better discounts are very likely in the future. Wait. 
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order – $29.99 – Here’s a game that came out in May and is already 50% off. What does that say to me? It suggests far better deals are coming once the game ages a bit. Wait. 

Today I crafted the following badges: Steam Summer Adventure 2014, Steam Summer Getaway, and Rush Bros.

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