Steam Summer Sale 2014: Day 4 Recommendations

Steam Summer Sale 2014 Day 4

Steam Summer Sale 2014 Day 4

Hello again! It’s day four of Steam’s annual Summer Sale! Want to see what’s worth or not worth buying today? Simply click “read more” to see all our suggestions.

“Buy” means simply that this is a very good price for the game. Still, “buy” isn’t necessarily giving any particular game my seal of approval either. It’s just a price that seems fair for those interested in the given title. “Wait” means I suggest waiting for another sale. The price very likely is the lowest it will be during Summer Sale 2014, but it is estimated to be cheaper in sales weeks and months down the road. Of course, if you can’t wait then go ahead and buy!

  • Battleblock Theater – $3.74 – Here’s a game that launched on Steam about a month ago. To already see such an awesome drop in price makes me think it will even go cheaper at some point, or just maybe enter into a bundle sometime soon. Wait.
  • Borderlands 2 – $4.99 – Borderlands 2 is more of Borderlands! If you loved the original (or at least have friends to play with) then it’s probably worth a purchase. As far as price drops are concerned, it has seen precipitous declines but appears to finally be bottoming out. Buy. 
  • Kingdoms of Alamur: Reckoning – $4.99 – You know, this is a pretty good price! That is until you realize the game can be had for a buck cheaper ($3.99) via GameFly Digital in conjunction with 20% off coupon code JUN20OFF. Buy from GameFly Digital.
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – $14.99 – A 50% price cut is always nice but you know it’s going to drop cheaper in the future. If you’re a console gamer you’ll almost definitely see this even cheaper during Black Friday. In any case, no big deal here. Wait. 
  • Outlast – $4.99 – Outlast sees discounts at regular intervals that increase slowly but surely. It could definitely end up being 80% or a little more by Winter Sale or other future spur of the moment sales. Wait. 
  • Planetary Annihilation – $16.99 – This is another one of those Early Access prices with a high price of entry. $17 is certainly more palatable than $50, but probably only huge genre fans should purchase now. Wait. 
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth – $40.19 – Haha, surely you’re joking! A discount-obsessed person such as myself would find it hard to recommend any game for $40 so this one gets an immediate pass. Sorry! Wait. 
  • Tomb Raider – $4.99 – Tomb Raider is a game I quite enjoyed despite some issues. I feel the price can definitely come down a tad more though, as it already has. Newegg had a brief sale of the GOTY Edition for $6, whereas Steam is selling that for $7.49. Wait. 
  • The Wolf Among Us – $8.49 – Apparently The Wolf Among Us is another amazing effort from Telltale Games. With that said, Telltale has a history of putting their episodic series’ on major discounts over their lifespan. Expect this to go even cheaper in the future. Wait. 

Today I purchased Puzzler World for 49 cents and crafted a Kairo badge.

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