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Developer: Interactive Girls Club
Publisher: Interactive Girls Club
Platform: PC (DOS)

Wow, what can I say about this game? First off, I’m not even sure if the name is “Vida” or “Interactive Girls Club: Vida” or what. We’re just going to rule under the good faith that this FMV game is titled Vida. And boy, if it isn’t the worst game I’ve played all year – old or new.

So, what do you do in Vida? The game is extremely simple and consists of going out one day and coming across a sharply dressed woman aptly named Vida. She is all alone, interested in you, and happy to accompany you home. In regards to story, it is incredibly shallow.

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Gameplay is also as basic as you can get. Although it is a point and click adventure game at its core it ends up being possibly the easiest of the entire genre. There are only a handful of choices to make in the game and making the wrong choice causes no ill effects. In a way, this is something I would like to see applied to other games, but here it is far too simplistic.

What happens when you pair an incredibly shallow with brainless gameplay? You get a title that offers a brief experience. In all, it probably took twenty minutes for me to go from start to finish. That’s probably the only thing good about Vida because if it were any longer I simply wouldn’t have been able to keep with it.

Score 0.5

1/2 out of 5 alpacas

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  • Amy Dentata

    Oh my god, I remember this game. I played it in secret after finding it stashed in a corner of my dad’s vast collection of floppy disks. It was actually a series of games, all equally terrible.

    • I discovered it was a series after writing this post but I definitely don’t want to pursue the rest. Wow, what a terrible game to uncover (from your dad’s collection no less)!