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Developer: Will
Publisher: Peach Princess
Platform: PC

For all the great games that arrive in North America there are always hundreds (or thousands?) others that are relegated to Japanese-exclusive launches. Western game fans have long since lamented this state of affairs and sometimes even import titles they wish to play most. It’s possible that someone in America really wanted to play Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber, but it definitely isn’t on most collectors’ radar.

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Water Closet is distinct among eroge games as it gives players five stories. Instead of playing as some faceless boy, you experience the tales of each woman who is going through her own toilet-related catastrophe. One simply needs to get to her 7th floor apartment room to potty, while others include a nurse who needs to bring back a urine sample to the doctor. With such an odd beginning, it follows that the game gets much weirder with time.

As any eroge, things get intense pretty fast for certain characters. By making one or two decisions per character, you’ll see them come to very different ends. Whether they find themselves discovering a love of exhibitionism or getting a urinary tract infection is all up to you. Water Closet is infamous for its strangeness and may be worth playing simply for the novelty. In particular, many endings are likely to provoke audible laughter for their sheer unexpected and abrupt nature.

Each character’s story is connected to the rest although it isn’t particularly obvious at first. After completing specific routes with one character, another may unlock a new route. This means it is mandatory to play each story multiple times for 100% completion. Sometimes the “good” endings are locked beyond multiple play sessions as well, which is a shame.

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Writing-wise, players should expect very little. It’s mostly the events that cause humor, although the attempt at slang from characters is also amusing at times. A strange amount of focus is given to back story for some characters, while others are just type characters. There also happens to be a recurring character who is incredibly creepy in his habit of offering unwanted “help”.

Overall, Water Closet is a game for either very specific tastes or for the player who wants to experience the “worst” of what the eroge genre has to offer.

Score: 2

2 out of 5 alpacas

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