Sisterly Bliss Review



Developer: eyephon
Publisher: MangaGamer
Platform: PC

I didn’t go into Sisterly Bliss expecting anything special. It looked like yet another short, frivolous yuri nukige. As it turns out, there’s more lurking beyond the sweet exterior. In some sense it might not even be fair to classify the title as nukige. There is a real attempt to bring life to the characters alongside a decent storyline over the course of approximately four hours.


Sisterly Bliss focuses on twin sisters Futaba and Ichika. Despite being twins, they’re quite different personality-wise. Ichika manages the student council at school and is equally responsible in all her duties. Futaba puts all her focus into excelling at sports and is all around immature. After a lifetime together, their emotions for each other start to grow beyond that of sisters. Players experience this forbidden romance blossom from both sisters’ perspectives.

Unlike a typical nukige which would just have everyone engage in frivolous sex with no consequence, Ichika and Futaba are not so carefree. They recognize how revealing their feelings might destroy their sisterly bond. They’re also both tremendously aware of the societal stigma against incest and how they may lose their family as a result. Even so, the good endings for both Futaba and Ichika are tremendously sweet.


The real shocker of Sisterly Bliss is what happens when you end up on one of the two bad routes. It’s not easy to guess which choices lead you to a bad route – but you’ll definitely know when you’re on one. Suddenly one sister will begin acting very “off” as things veer more and more off course from innocent, ill-fated love to something far darker.

Honestly, MangaGamer should have advertised this more instead of focusing on the “yay, incestuous yuri!” aspect of the title. It’s really going to throw people off – and absolutely disturb some players. Even so, I found Sisterly Bliss intriguing (and short enough) to see through to completion.

Score: 3

3 out of 5 alpacas

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